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Part of a painting job can involve repairs and carpentry.

Our experienced crew will repair and restore surfaces as needed to prepare your home or business location for paint applications. This might include repairing rotted wood, small carpentry jobs, repairing drywall or plaster that is damaged, removing old layers of paint, and scraping + sanding popcorn ceilings.

Do you have popcorn ceilings or old looking cabinets and need a fresher look in your home?

We will seal the space as much as possible to minimize dust, and quickly work to remove and smooth your ceiling to perfection. We also repair and repaint older cabinets for a new and updated appearance. Customers call us to help with remodeling projects all over Charlotte and beyond.

Service is about creating a turnkey and easy experience for our customers by having our same trusted crew work on every phase of your repair and paint job. We maintain good standing with our trusted customers because of our reliability.