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Plaster Repair / Painting

Old House/ Damaged Plaster and Tired Bathroom Become New Again

We completed a project inside of an historic home where many coats of paint had been applied over time, on a flaking, plaster ceiling.  Attempts to scrape back the peeling, cracking layers were part of each small repair and painting project performed by the homeowners. Finally, they realized it was time to call in the professionals and get their dining room ceiling looking the way it should. A process of sanding and repairing the old plaster, the choosing the right paint product were the solution. The homeowners were absolutely amazed at the results. Their peeling, irregular old ceiling appears to be completely restored.

“Selecting the right type of paint is important on a job like this,” says Standard Painting owner Luis Aguirre.  “First our crew sanded and smoothed the plaster, then we purchased a product that would conceal and mask the imperfections left behind – the result appears flawless.”

The homeowners knew from the start that dust would be an issue, but the Standard Painting crew was diligent in the process of covering furniture and protecting the hardwood floors from dust and potential damage from ladders and falling debris.  Setting up for the job is always important at Standard Painting. We try to make it as painless as possible for the homeowner when we leave the job site.

Do you have an older home with plaster walls or surfaces in need of repair, perhaps roughened by layers of old paint? We can make your home look fresh and new again. Remodeling a home can be expensive, but livening up the appearance of your place with new paint can be a less intrusive, less costly way to add value to your home.  This homeowner was on the verge of having the plaster ceiling replaced with drywall, and instead gave us a shot at doing the repairs and repainting the surface. We saved this couple a lot of money by just repairing and repainting the ceiling, instead of them enduring a major renovation in their dining room – one that would have been way more costly and messy!

Are you asking yourself, “Should I repair my own plaster as a do-it-yourself project, or hire a pro to do the work?” Check out this Angie’s List article about repairing/painting over damaged plaster.

Antique Bathroom, Stylishly Restored

We also renovated a bathroom in this home, using just paint! The homeowners were tired of their white cabinets and white beaded board wainscoat. They also had terra cotta tiles on the floor that made the home look outdated. Rather than pulling out the flooring, paneling, and cabinets, they decided to have us put a coat of high gloss dark paint on the woodwork, matching the rich wood color of the historic doors in the room. Voila, the bathroom was transformed, and with just paint! The homeowners love their new bathroom with painted cabinets and woodwork. It is amazing how just changing the color on the walls and trim can make old outdated flooring look stylish again.

“Standard Painting transformed my old house without my having to endure major renovations to get a more updated appearance. Our dining room ceiling was a mess, and the Standard Painting crew made it smooth and beautiful. We decided to paint our bathroom rather than pull out all of the flooring and cabinetry. It is amazing what changing paint color and using high end paint products will do for a room. Having Luis and his crew paint our rooms saved us thousands of dollars we would have spent doing more costly upgrades to make it appear more updated.”

-homeowner Gay Diller of Waxhaw NC