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Your Customers Deserve a Clean Place

A Cleaner Storefront and New Image

Are you a local business or shop owner? Cleanliness is a big part of your brand image. Your customers and your employees deserve to be in a clean, fresh environment. When Mark Oil and Earp’s Convenience Store of Mint Hill rebranded and remodeled the Brighton Park location, they called Standard Painting to thoroughly clean the entire exterior of the building and canopy at the gas pumps, and repaint any aging or dull painted structures on the site. We cleaned building awnings, the canopy overhead, and the entire storefront. We can offer a major one time cleaning as part of a remodeling project, or regular, maintenance services.

At the Mint Hill C-store, we painted light fixtures, bollards, painted curb details, and some of the structural parts of the building. We added fresh paint to metal doors and fencing around the dumpsters on the site. Knowing the right products to use is key to making sure the paint will last and withstand weathering and wear and tear from commercial use. We painted the carwash at the Earp’s store, a process that started with careful and intense cleaning. Product and application are also important when doing a cleaning job. Too much pressure can be damaging. We are experienced and knowledgeable.

Are you looking for a crew to clean or maintain your business/shop property? Your customers will appreciate it! Call Standard Painting if you are looking for a reputable and trusted window washing, pressure washing, cleaning and painting contractor.

Commercial Services:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Painting
  • Repairs
  • Exterior Cleaning